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    "Epilepsy - A Bibliography 1534 - 2000"

          The biography of epilepsy is a retrospective collection of 3882 scientific publications, spanning the period from 1534 to 2000.

          It includes sources on epilepsy written by Poles at home and abroad, as well as, works published by foreign authors in Polish scientific journals on Polish territory within historical boundaries.

          The bibliography entries are listed chronologically and within respective years they are listed alphabetically. The organising component is the first author's surname, and each publication is given a consecutive number. The bibliography contains a name and subject index. The book has 431+XXX pages, General Introduction by Prof. Andrzej Śródka, historian of medicine, Foreword and Introduction to "Epilepsy - A Bibliography" by editor. The book is basic source for those who wish deepen their knowledge about epileptology development in Poland.