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    Realisation of objectives and the Foundation's activity

    1. Publishing (since 1993) of the Epileptologia quarterly for doctors interested in epilepsy.
    2. Publishing (since 2000) of Epi, a quarterly for epileptic patients and their families.
    3. Non-periodic publications: books, brochures, video cassettes:
      • Jerzy Majkowski, "Twoja padaczka i jej leczenie" [Your epilepsy and its treatment]. Epileptology Foundation, Warsaw, 2000. A brochure for patients and their families.
      • Joanna Jędrzejczak and Piotr Zwoliński (Eds.), "Nowe leki przeciwpadaczkowe" [New anti-epileptic drugs]. Epileptology Foundation, Warsaw, 2000. A book addressed primarily to doctors.
      • Joanna Jędrzejczak, "Psychogenne Napady Rzekomopadaczkowe" [Psychogenic pseudoepileptic seizures], video EEG, VHS. Epileptology Foundation, Warsaw, 2000. A didactic video cassette for doctors. It contains a discussion of pseudoepileptic seizures and a video EEG showing registered seizures.
    4. Ever since it was established the Foundation has been conducting research on the clinical efficacy and safety of new anti-epileptic drugs.
    5. The Foundation has been organising annual symposia on epilepsy and pregnancy and several training conferences on various aspects of epilepsy for neurologists since 1993.


    1. Consulting and informing on epilepsy via the media.
    2. At the Foundation there is an Epilepsy Diagnostic and Treatment Centre where neurologists/epileptologists holding Certificates issued by the Polish Society of Epileptology and Electroencephalography Certificates issued by the Polish Society for Clinical Neurophysiology consult. The Centre has a state of the art EEG Laboratory with videometric, analogue and digital recording, as well as a Laboratory for the Assessment of Level of Anti-epileptic Drugs.
    3. As of 2003, the Polish National Epilepsy Centre for Pregnant Women (OCPK) has been operating within the Foundation. The OCPK co-operates with the European Anti-Epileptic Drug and Pregnancy Register (EURAP).