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    The Foundation of Epileptology

    has instituted an


    for the best work on epileptology in the year 2007/2008

         This award was conceived to encourage doctors who deal with epilepsy to widen or deepen their expertise in epileptology. The authors of works submitted to Epileptologia must be Polish residents. The jury prefers doctoral and post-doctoral ("habilitation") dissertations on epilepsy. However, the merits of the contribution are what ultimately counts. The work may present the author's own research findings or it may be a critical review of the latest literature on epilepsy. All contributions must comply with the Instructions for Authors laid out in the Epileptologia quarterly.

         The deadline for submission is 31 March 2008. Please send your submission to the Foundation of Epileptology. Works published in the academic year 2007/2008 will be evaluated by jury consisting of one representative each of the Foundation of Epileptology Executive Committee, the Polish Society of Epileptology and the Editorial Committee of the Epileptologia Quarterly.


    The Editors of Epileptologia wishes to thank Pfizer for succour statute activity of Fundation