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    Edited by Joanna Jędrzejczak and Piotr Zwoliński
    Published by the Foundation of Epileptology, Warsaw 2000

    Professor Jerzy Majkowski, M. D.
    President of the Foundation of Epileptology Executive Board, neurologist
    Professor Władysław Lasoń, M. D.
    Institute of Pharmacology, Polish Academy of Sciences, neuropharmacologist
    Andrzej Kozik, M.D.
    Reader at the Department of Child Neurology, Special United Hospital, Wrocław, child neurologists
    Krzysztof Owczarek, M. D.
    Epileptology Foundation, neuropsychologist
    Joanna Jędrzejczak, M.D., Piotr Zwoliński, M. D.
    Both have been employed at the Department of Neurology and Epileptology, Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education ever since it opened