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        The material shown on this video cassette comes from videometric studies conducted at the Department of Neurology and Epileptology in 1990-1998 (Head of Department: Professor Jerzy Majkowski, M.D., Head of Videometrics EEG Laboratory: Associate Professor Joanna Jędrzejczak, M.D.)

        The cassette is addressed to medical professionals, psychologists and other professionals who diagnose and treat epileptic seizures, pseudoepileptic seizures and other convulsive conditions. In part one the author introduces the Reader to the problems of psychogenic pseudoepileptic seizures, provides the appropriate background information and discusses etiology, classification and differential diagnosis. In part two she presents many examples of pseudoepileptic seizures, grouped in three symptom categories which she herself has proposed. This cassette is a valuable didactic aid for professionals who deal with epileptology and related issues.

     About the author - Joanna Jędrzejczak is head of the Videometrics EEG Laboratory at the Department of Neurology and Epileptology, Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education. She is an epileptologist and electroencephalographer with substantial clinical experience in the differential diagnostics of seizures originating in the brain.